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Jj’s Trucketeria

At the very end of Kitsilano Farmers’ Market were a whole bunch of food trucks. Jj’s Trucketeria immediately jumped out at me as the one I needed to try! Last year the chef I cooked for introduced me to Filipino comfort food and I’ve been missing and craving it!

What I ate  


  • Pandesal bun (think a sweet dinner roll) stuffed with Filipino BBQ pork
  • There was SO much pork!
  • It was grilled perfectly and covered in a sweet, smokey sauce
  • The bun soaks up all the extra pork sauce and becomes extra soft and sweet and was perfect

Final Thoughts 

This food truck is definitely one of my favourites! The servings are huge and the owners are doing their best to keep their prices down against the rapidly increasing cost of pork. I was happy with the amount of meat I got for what I paid and it was absolutely delicious.

Jj's Trucketeria on Urbanspoon

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