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Cartems Donuterie

After sandwiches at Finch’s we wandered down the street to Cartems Donunterie, they recently (not really, but in my head) moved down to Pender street and I had been wanting to try them since their days as a pop up shop.

What we ate 


(going clockwise, starting with the bacon one) 

  • Canadian Whiskey Bacon – whiskey! bacon! maple! O, Canada! This was the first time I’ve had a bacon donut where I feel like the bacon legitimately made it better instead of just being a gimmick
  • The Earl Grey – an earl grey infused donut, topped with an earl grey glaze and rose petals. This donut was amazingly moist and the flavours were spot on. It was my favourite!
  • The Dark Knight – chocolate cake donut topped with brownies and nuts. A chocolate lovers dream!
  • Apple Pie Stuffie – I’m convinced there was around half an apple shoved into this! Unlike what you would expect in a stuffed donut there were actual huge chunks of apple in here. I couldn’t get over it! Unfortunately I felt the apple filling wasn’t sweet enough.
  • Vanilla Bean Raised – this yeast raised donut, although perfectly acceptable in every way, was my least favourite because it was so plain and there was so much else going on
  • London Fog Stuffie – a yeast donut filled with a london fog (earl grey + vanilla) custard. The custard was also not super sweet, but I felt it was spot on! It tasted just like a latte piped into a donut

Final Thoughts 

I typically don’t like cake donuts but these were amazing! I’ve heard they have really good vegan donuts too, which I bet are hard to come by. This is my new favourite donut spot in Vancouver!

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