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ManCakes Bakery

Kev and Bill are at it again and this time they’ve brought us “Mancakes Madness“, their newest dining pass!

For $10 you get a choice of 6 mini cupcakes from ManCakes Bakery and 2 drinks. For the drinks you have a choice between 49th Parallel medium roast, “Death Wish” dark roast (claimed to be the world’s strongest dark roast coffee), or  a “Teapigs” tea!

I was kind of disappointed that we would only get to try  6 of the flavours, but when we arrived at the shop we were informed that for an additional $6, we could upgrade to a whole dozen! I jumped right on that opportunity so we got to try all of the flavours.

What we ate



Here is a list of the cupcake flavours directly from the ManCakes website! Some of my favourites, and the flavours I found the most interesting were:

  • The Buffalo Wing – this cupcake seriously tasted like a buffalo wing. The hot sauce buttercream is what gives most of the buffalo wing flavour.  It was kind of weird to be honest, but an experience that you need to have if you try these cupcakes!
  • Tequila Pineapple – the tequila flavour wasn’t that strong and the tropical flavours (pineapple and coconut) made it really delicious
  • Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit – filled with pink grapefruit, and topped with a shortbread diamond and pink peppercorn. This cupcake had the most going on – sweet, spicy, crunchy, and creamy! I think it was one of my favourites.

Final Thoughts

ManCakes makes really tasty cupcakes with a lot less frill, and icing (which is a good thing), creating unique flavours that are something you should want to try. The provides a great opportunity to try them out!

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