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The Red Wagon

Red Wagon was featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives when they came to Vancouver. My friends had been a few months ago but I had yet to try it! Since I was in the rare mood for non-Asian foods, we figured this would be a good choice.

What we ate 

The Trucker


  • 2 eggs, 2 buttermilk pancakes, homefries, toast, and sausage (choice between bacon and sausage)
  • Portion was gigantic! My friend only got through the eggs, sausage, and 1 pancake
  • Next time I would go for the Super Trucker instead, as it includes 2 of the things Red Wagon is known for (Pulled pork pancakes and pork belly)



  • Tortilla chips, salsa, onion, feta, eggs (added pork belly)
  • The poached eggs were overcooked, which was too bad as the yolks would have mixed nicely on the tortillas
  • The feta and onions and sauces made this dish quite enjoyable

Croque Madame


  • Grilled ham and swiss sandwich, bechamel sauce, topped with a sunny side egg
  • The sandwich itself was tasty, very similar to a Monte Cristo
  • The fried egg seemed like kind of an after thought – it didn’t add anything of huge value to the sandwich for me!

Crisp Pork Belly Sandwich


  • Pickled veg (carrot and daikon), cilantro, jalapeno, may, and pork belly on a baguette
  • Essentially a vietnamese sub with a huge slab of pork belly
  • This was my favourite of the day, I’m easily won over by pork belly

Final Thoughts

Red Wagon is a good breakfast and brunch spot in East Van. They’re known for certain dishes and those are definitely the ones that seem to stand out. Next time I’ll be trying the Pulled pork pancakes and making sure to get more pork belly on my plate!

The Red Wagon on Urbanspoon

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  1. I really enjoy your blog.. the reviews and photos make my mouth water! Glad I found you guys! Feel free to check out our blog too.

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