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In an ideal world all of my food stories would involve meeting up with old friends and trying out places we’ve both been dying to get to forever. However, Friday lunches don’t work out that way. This week involved:

“This place”

“Nah. What about here?”

“Hmm what about..”

For about an hour. We settled on Bestie, a crowd funded sausage shop in the heart of Chinatown. Their story is most eloquently told on their website here. Crowd funding a restaurant makes sense to me and I hope to see more of it in the future! With a few extra bodies this week we all met up at the restaurant around 2 pm. We were seated at the bar, separated by the servers pass, but eventually given a table!

What we ate 

Pretzel Board




  • A pretzel, farmers sausage, stinky cheese sauce, mustards, and preserves
  • I found their pretzels just okay. Quite chewy and not too flavourful.
  • The cheese sauce was not too strong, definitely had that unique ‘funk’ of an aged cheese, and was enjoyed by everyone!
  • The preserves were (off memory, not entirely sure) an onion jam, pickled cabbage (quite similar to a coleslaw), cucumbers (in a vinegar, mint, raisin, chili concoction), and pickled cauliflower (similar to the cucumbers but not as strong tasting)
  • My favourites were the onion jam and the cucumbers! Everyone seemed to prefer different ones though, so its definitely a matter of tastes

Mushroom Soup


  • “Its like liquid mushrooms, in the best way possible” was how my friend who ordered it described it. Everyone who tried it (and enjoyed mushrooms) agreed and loved it!
  • Served with a bun with 2 slices of cheese melted on. Great for dipping!

Cheese Fries


  • Fries smothered in cheese sauce and topped with green onions
  • There isn’t much to say this one! You can’t go wrong with fries drowned in cheese
  • The fries were crispy enough and the sauce was thick enough that it didn’t just become a huge mess



  • A sliced sausage on top of fries covered in curried ketchup
  • One of the best sellers here! We had maybe 5 orders at the table
  • The curry ketchup was interesting (not overly spiced) and went surprisingly well with the sausage!
  • The bratwurst was extremely juicy, had a nice ‘snap’ to it, and was very satisfying

Final Thoughts

Bestie is a cool example of what crowd sourcing can do for the restaurant industry. They offer some delicious German street food that would please most palates! They also take bitcoin, which is cool.

Bestie on Urbanspoon

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