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Kintaro Ramen

I had just went to Hida Takayama Ramen and immediately thought to myself, “Well I’m already down here..so I might as well go for another bowl of ramen, right?”

Bad idea.

Not a bad idea in the sense that I didn’t enjoy it because Kintaro is definitely known for punching out some fantastic bowls of noodles. But more of a bad idea in the sense that I’ve never burned the inside of my mouth so badly in a day (I’m a believer in eating ramen the proper way, which is not waiting for it to cool) or the fact that I probably ingested more pork fat and carbs than I had since Christmas time. I nearly fell into a food coma on the bus home.

Kintaro is one of the original ramen imports from Japan to Vancouver. It isn’t the nicest of shops, but is supposed to find its authenticity in its “come for the food, don’t stay for the environment” environment.

What I ate

Shio Chasu Ramen

11937827223_53a677340b_o copy

  • Kintaro is one of the few restaurants that lets you choose how you would like your soup and pork. The options are rich, medium, and light for the soup and fat or lean for the pork
  • I ordered my soup medium and my pork fatty
  • Kintaro is known for their pork and rightfully so! The chasu ramen comes with gigantic slabs of rolled, sliced pork on the sides and it was definitely the best I’ve had on ramen
  • The noodles were thick and done perfectly al dente, portion was large
  • Shio (seasoned with salt) stock is supposed to be considered the gold standard for stocks. Their medium broth was rich and fairly greasy, but very satisfying. I couldn’t imagine their rich soup!
  • My biggest strife with Kintaro was them using the cheap wooden chopsticks many sushi restaurants use. Their bowls are huge and deep and require some slightly larger chopsticks in my opinion
  • Egg was over cooked. I like a half boiled, oozing yolk, not a hard one!

Final Thoughts 

If you want ramen and want the best pork you can get come to Kintaro. Its often very busy, sometimes with lines, but service is quick and the food comes fast. The servings are large for the price and they offer some interesting options that I want to go back to try.

Kintaro Ramen 金太郞 on Urbanspoon

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