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Ask for Luigi

Class is back in session and my friends’ tradition of meeting on Friday for lunch continues.

Ask For Luigi opened in late 2013 in the old, decidedly adorable, building that onced housed Two Chefs and a Table. Immediately there were whispers of “best new restaurant” floating around the blogosphere and I knew I would have to try it. For lunch service they’re serving up a small menu using artisan dried pastas, but for dinner they’re cranking everything out from scratch (this provides immediate incentive for me to return)!

What we ate

Fried Cauliflower & Aioli


  • Deep fried cauliflower, fried chickpeas, aioli, mint, and parmesan cheese
  • Relatively large serving, and lots of tables were getting it!
  • Everything about this appetizer was delicious. Highly recommended.

Linguini & Carbonara


  • Special for the day because they were out of mussels (one of their standard lunch menu)
  • The bacon they used  was cut in large chunks that were fried up to be nice and crunchy
  • The sauce was extremely cheesy  and rich. I prefer a bit more peppery, but still fantastic!

Spaghetti & Tomato Sauce


  • An extremely simple seeming sauce that the kitchen manages to elevate beyond what I’ve tasted before

Rigatoni & Bolognese


  • A traditional meat sauce made properly (with some dairy), also amazing!
  • Long noodles (like the spaghetti and linguini above) are a preference of mine, so this was my least favourite of the 3

Panna Cotta


  • Panna cotta served with cooked prunes and biscotti
  • The best panna cotta I’ve had. Ridiculously smooth and creamy, sweet but balanced out by the slightly tart prunes.

Chocolate Budino


  • Served with whipped cream (unsweetened), crushed nuts, olive oil, and salt
  • According to Google, budino is the Italian word for ‘pudding’. I’m guessing this was their take on an English pudding, which is steamed and cake-like
  • The salt topped the cake in the most unpretentious way possible (which was nice after a year of salted caramels), the unsweetened cream complimented the extremely rich cake perfectly

Final Thoughts

I’m usually hesitant to go out for Italian food, because I feel like I could make something satisfyingly similar at home. Ask For Luigi changes that for me – their food seems simple but is amazing in ways that I can’t even begin to figure out. A must try!

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