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Smokehouse Sandwich Co.

Back in highschool people would trek across the back field and through the neighborhood to go to Nat’s for lunch, they were a bistro that served soup and sandwiches and had a whole bunch of other stuff to buy as snacks. After Nat’s closed down it was transformed into a pub AND coffee shop called “The Suburban Well” and “The Coffee Well” which both ultimately failed as well. When I was driving down Westminster Highway to go home after exams I noticed a new restaurant had taken its place!

Smokehouse Sandwich Co. is a sandwich shop that specializes in smoked meats. Their menu is simple – no more than 8 different types of sandwiches, all made with meats (or a portabello mushroom) smoked in house (they have the same smoker as the restaurant I work in during the summers!), 2 sides (homemade chips or soup), and a few drinks. The restaurant smells of smoked meats when you walk in and go to the service counter to order. The staff were extremely friendly, with the lady at the counter making sure to ask my name and then referring to me by name the rest of the time I was there, and the chef/owner coming up to me to see how I liked his sandwich!

What I ate



  • “Coffee crusted strawberry glazed beef brisket w/ butter leaf lettuce, red bell peppers, & aoili
  • The coffee and strawberry that the meat is cooked in gives it a good balance between slightly bitter, slightly sweet, and fatty and delcious
  • Beef brisket can get a bit dry when its smoked and reheated, but the aioli on this sandwich added enough fat that it didn’t matter!
  • The bun was substantial enough to hold together this potentially messy sandwich

Chips (fried in olive oil)


  • Served unsalted! The lady running the counter pointed out that they have salt at the table, as well as 2 different house made hot sauces (red and green) to flavour the chips to your liking
  • I chose to put a bit of red hot sauce on my chips. It was mildly spicy and made with a good bit of garlic, lime, and cilantro!
  • The nutrition student in me worries about deep frying with olive oil though, because of its low smoke point that can lead to the formation of dangerous compounds! (but hey, when you order chips, are you going to beĀ really concerned with that kind of thing?)*
  • * Nevermind about the olive oil! The chef chose a special type that has a very high smoke point! All good :)

Final Thoughts

I welcome Smokehouse Sandwich Co. to my neighborhood with an open mind and empty stomach! With extremely friendly service and good food I hope that the locals and highschoolers near by pick up on this potentially very popular lunch spot.

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  1. Thank you neighbour!

    And thank you for your concern. We use Pomace Olive Oil. It’s the last press of the olive and has a higher smoking point (450*). It has a milder taste to it too.

    We’ll see you soon!

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