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Don’t Argue Pizzeria

Happy New Year!

At the end of every year bloggers like to write “Best of” posts and I find that they’re a great way to scope out restaurants. Tonight while reading Richard Wolak’s “Best Savoury Dishes in 2013” I recognized all of the restaurants except for one – Don’t Argue Pizzeria! So off we went.

The restaurant is a small place where you order first and sit after, you can either order by the slice, or entire pizzas. With the holidays just over, they still had their decorations up! Garlands and pizza crusts cut into decorations! After you order you’re offered either plain or soda water which is a nice option. The restaurant gives off a good vibe!


What we ate

Salami Mushroom Rocket


  • Salami, tomato, mushroom, rocket (did you know rocket is another name for arugula?), and mozzarella
  • The crust at Don’t Argue is one of the best pizza crusts I’ve had. Super crispy but not chewy or difficult to eat
  • This pizza featured simple but high quality ingredients which made it very tasty

Potato Mash


  • Mashed potatoes, bechamel, marscapone, roasted garlic, red onion, kale
  • This is what we came for!
  • The mashed potatoes, bechamel, and marscapone made the pizza topping incredibly smooth and creamy!
  • While the crust and roast kale (which were pretty much kale chips) gave fantastic crunch

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of great restaurants on Main street and Don’t Argue Pizzeria is a strong entrant to the market! They’re serving up the best pizza crusts I’ve had either by the slice or to order. Their 12″ pizzas seem stretched out quite a bit larger than whats advertised, and the prices are reasonable!

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