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Rajio Japanese Public House

Rajio is the youngest child of the Kingyo Izakaya family (with Suika being the trendy middle child that everyone loves – no middle child syndrome here!) and is the smallest and cheapest location. It’s located near UBC Point Grey campus so its popular amongst students and young families in the area. I’ve wanted to try it for a while but always end up at a different izakaya instead, but tonight was the night!

What we ate

Ebi Mayo


Ebi Mayo is standard fare at any izakaya. The prawns here were large and fresh, the batter was surprisingly delicate (I prefer it a bit crispier) and there was a ton of slightly-spicy mayo (as there should be!) I would rank it solidly in the middle of the pack, not the best I’ve had but by no means disappointing.

Spicy Squid Karage


Despite the longer name, it was spicy calamari. The squid was a bit over deep fried and slightly rubbery, which I don’t fault the kitchen for because its a common problem with tentacles, but the flavours were there and the lemon really made it. I would have loved some of their mayo from the Ebi Mayo on it!

Negitoro Battera


Tuna belly, green onion, Japanese pickles, fish roy, and a soy based sauce on top. This was fantastic! The tuna belly and green onion made it a good, standard, negitoro but the pickles and sauce brought the dish together. The pickles provided a crunchy texture and sweetness and the soy brought a balanced saltiness. Yum!

 Kakuni Bibimbap



Pork belly, seaweed, green onion, and rice, in a sizzling stone bowl. Your server will mix it up table side and make a point of really pressing the rice down to the bottoms and side. The rice thats in contact with the bowl gets crispy and is one of the best parts! The pork belly was delicious – fatty and meaty. I had no complaints!  My friend was surprised that she enjoyed it as much as she did, since she thought it “wasn’t her thing”

Final Thoughts

Rajio is the youngest sibling of the Kingyo family and seems to have picked up a few tricks from it’s older brothers and sisters. The restaurant itself is funky, the prices are in university student ranges, and the service was attentive and friendly. Give it a try!

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