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Wo Fung Noodle Express 和豐車仔麵

Wo Fung Noodle Express is spin-off or sister or the original amazing chicken wing and cart noodle joint in Richmond. I say it is all of these because supposedly the owners of this new location are the original owners of the Aberdeen food court location (Wu Fung Dessert), who then sold it, but decided to get back into the game, and reopened this second restaurant with a confusingly similar name. I come here somewhat frequently but for some reason I always forget my camera, but I finally got some pictures (but this blog is being written almost 2 months after I last went)!I prefer Wo Fung because its not in Aberdeen, which means easier parking, less crowds, and less of a wait!

What we ate (and drank):

Ice Lemon Tea


  • Pretty standard, I prefer a more sweet version though
  • Its a weird thing to base preference on but I really like these thicker, stronger cups! (compared to a bubble tea cup)

Ice Milk Tea


  • Also pretty standard but I find the sweetness level is better
  • But these drinks aren’t what you come here for!

Curry Fish Balls


  • Not overcooked and rubbery like the Night Market versions
  • Curry sauce is thick and holds on to the fish balls well
  • Heat is there but not a spicy dish

Deep Fried Tofu


  • I wanted to try something new, so these were ordered
  • Deep fried and stuffed with something I can’t remember
  • These were very crisp but I found the tofu got too oily during the deep frying, was not a fan

Chicken Wings!


  • These are what people come here for
  • The wings are massive, they’re whole wings including the tips, and deep fried to perfection
  • Greasy, salty, some other flavour (ginger I think), and super delicious makes them one of my favourites!

Final Thoughts 

This is a great place in Richmond for a snack or lunch if you don’t want to go to the Aberdeen food court. The guy at the cashier is super friendly and the servers kind of just drop off your food without saying much, but sometimes thats all you need! Its an order first, pay, and then sit restaurant to keep the turnover fairly high. Order the chicken wings and fishballs, the cart noodles and some of their stuff is good too!

Wo Fung Noodle Express 和豐車仔麵 on Urbanspoon

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