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The Pie Shoppe

The Pie Shoppe has been on my radar for some time now. I absolutely loved the idea of a tiny shop making nothing but pies, serving locally roasted coffee, and just on the edge of Chinatown. One day after some field work in the DTES I went to Chinatown to eat and then over to the Pie Shoppe for dessert.

What we ate

Pear Apple Ginger Pie


  • The crust on both of these pies were super flaky and quite enjoyable. I’ve got to respect a good pastry.
  • All of the flavours were balanced in the filling and it was sweet but not overwhelmingly
  • I wish the filling were a bit more dense and thicker

Chocolate Pecan Pie


  • Same great crust
  • The pecan part of the pie was lighter than most pecan pies I’ve had and I appreciate that (I usually find it too sticky and sweet)
  • The chocolate was well used and added a nice balance to the sweetness and a different texture

Final Thoughts 

When we went the staff were busy chatting with their friends and seemed uninterested in serving us. Unfortunately the store was tiny and the employees (owners, I think) and their couple of friends were taking up the entire store so we had to sit outside! I also found that it was not worth the price, at $7 a slice (though local and organic can get expensive). Not to say it wasn’t good – its just at $7 a slice I think there should be more (or even some!) plating and presentation, or even just heated up a little, instead of just plopped on to a disposable cardboard tray.

The Pie Shoppe on Urbanspoon

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  1. Phil

    Got to agree with your price point; looks like they get 6-8 slices per pie which implies a price of $42 to $48 per pie: Too rich for my blood. Black Rook or Bigsby seems like a better deal to me.

  2. 7 dollars for a piece of pie? Oh dear :) I think you can bake a whole pie for 7 dollars… anyway the apple one looks great!!

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