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Marutama Ramen

The other week one of my friends wanted to try Hokkaido Ramen Santouka because it was one of the first rainy days of the fall and it fit our lunch time criteria of the restaurant needing to be new to someone eating with us. There was a huge line and we didn’t want to wait out in the cold so we walked across the street to Marutama Ramen which is fairly new to Vancouver and popular among bloggers.

What we ate 

Aka Ramen


  • 7 kinds of ground nuts mixed into the soup, served spicy
  • I found this broth a lot richer than the other but almost too spicy to eat

Tan Men (Vegetable Ramen)


  • The same broth as the other ramen, with a huge variety of vegetables on top
  • My friend had a tough time getting through this because she found it so big!

Zenbu Ramen (The Works)



  • Chasu, sea lettuce, soft boiled egg, pork belly
  • The broth here is made of chicken instead of pork (which is traditional) and its super rich and delicious (I think I like it better than the ramen at Santouka..except for the tsukemen)
  • The noodles are made in house instead of imported, they’re a bit thinner and chewier (can order between al dente and well done)
  • The egg was perfect!
  • And the pork belly was too. I wish there were more of it!
  • The soup is served with black garlic chips (roasted probably) and a few of them made the brother amazingly fragran

Kae-Dama (noodle refill)


  • For $1.25 you get an entire fresh serving of noodles! It was a massive refill compared to some other refills you can get
  • Also served with a salty broth to bring more flavour back to your noodles if the water from the fresh noodles dilutes your soup tomorrow
  • Worth it! But it makes the portion absolutely gigantic

Final Thoughts

I like the ramen here better than Santouka (save for the tsukemen, nothing beats that) because of the broth and fresh noodles! Definitely give it a try, theres usually no line and you don’t feel rushed while eating.

Marutama Ramen on Urbanspoon

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