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Portland: Stanich’s

This was our second stop on our last day. It frequently came up as I googled the best burger in Portland. It was a sports bar in the truest sense of the word and a bit of a dive. It was the only place in Portland where we didn’t see hipsters chowing down on anything local or drinking anything microbrewed (though they had a few bottles of the stuff). The restaurant was unpretentious and has evolved into a Portland mainstay over more than 50 years!




What we ate 

The Special (divided in 2)



  • Fresh ground chuck, cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mustard mayo
  • Small charge to divide the burger in 2, but its because they cut all the ingredients first and then build it twice! I don’t mind paying for that much extra work
  • The patty was surprisingly thin! I was guessing around a 4 oz burger really spread thin
  • Nothing about this burger was outstanding, but years of practice have lead to perfection that is hard to describe

Final Thoughts 

If you get tired of the hipsters all over Portland this is the place to go. Unpretentious, cheap, and absolutely delicious! I have been trying to recreate this burger at home and work ever since and has several pages in my notebook dedicated to it titled “In Pursuit of the Great American Cheeseburger”.
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