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Portland: Podnah’s Pit Barbecue

Our last day in Portland was a whirlwind of eating. We had just a day left and so many places to go! We strategically planned our meals the day before, and based our itinerary entirely on eating and when we would be ready for our next meal. The first stop of the day was Podnah’s Pit Barbecue because I have a love for all foods related to BBQ

The pit boss shows up at 4 am in the morning to start meats for the day, and they operate until all of their meat is sold out. We arrived around 12 and the restaurant was just starting to fill up. We were served by the bar manager who was doing her opening duties for the day but still provided great service! And, as we found was the norm in Portland, it was a large open restaurant with great windows and lighting


What we ate 

The Pitboss


  • 1/4 brisket, 1/4 pulled pork, 2 pork ribs, sausage link, 2 sides (we chose collard greens + potato salad), slice of cornbread
  • The potato salad was unremarkable (I have very high standards for it), but freshly made so the potatoes weren’t hard and not too heavy
  • Collard greens (my first time having them!) were cooked down in pork fat so huge pork flavour all the way through
  • Corn bread was amazing! I wish there were more of it. Crumbly, sweet, and not at all dry


  • Pulled pork was very smokey, not very fatty (I prefer fattier), and done Carolina style – a spicy vinegar sauce. Not my favourite style of pulled pork.
  • Sausage link had a perfect snap to it and was a bit spicy, not too fatty (in a good way)
  • Ribs were fall off the bone tender and had an incredibly smokiness to them, a nice crust formed from hours of cooking on the outside, and were perfectly tender
  • Brisket was insane as well, with great smoke penetration, very tender and fatty, I wish we had more of both this and the ribs

BBQ Sauces


  • Kansas style (ketchup based), South Carolina style (mustard based), and North Carolina style (vinegar based)
  • I really appreciate the multiple sauces here! I used Kansas style for the ribs, South Carolina style for the sausage, and North Carolina style for the pulled pork.
  • My favourite was the Kansas style. It was vinegary and sweet but not overwhelming
  • They also serve honey for the corn bread (the best way to eat it!)

Final Thoughts 

Some of the best BBQ I’ve had and no need to travel all the way to the south! Would recommend it, especially for people who drool over their TV’s at BBQ places featured on the Food Network.

Podnah's Pit BBQ on Urbanspoon

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