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City of Roses: Blue Star Donuts

When researching places to eat in Portland I read that there are several donut shops in town that locals consider to be better than the famous Voodoo Doughnuts, which some people consider more of a tourist activity. Although we still had every intention of getting doughnuts in one of those famous pink boxes we knew there were other options. Blue Star was one of them! And happened to be right across from the hotel parking.

Blue Star focuses on using local products to make the best versions of classic donuts possible instead of trying to be different and funky for the sake of keeping Portland weird. They open early in the morning and go until they run out of sweets for the day. They serve Stumptown coffee, a locally roasted brew, which can be found in almost every shop in Portland but is pretty good.

What we ate

Blueberry Basil Bourbon Donut


  • All the flavours in this were present and worked confusingly well
  • The donut was fluffy and not too sweet
  • The glaze was a beautiful colour and that was what drew us to this one

Crème brûlée donut



  • Suggested to us by the guy serving us behind the counter because it was one of his favourites!
  • The dough was pretty much the same
  • Sweet vanilla (and some sort of citrus, I think) cream on the inside, and tons of it! (Presenting a near perfect donut-filling ratio)
  • And the top was covered in hard caramel like a proper crème brûlée, and it was kept thin and didn’t make it hard to it

Final Thoughts

If you’re in downtown Portland definitely give this donut place a try in addition to Voodoo doughnuts! The flavours are well thought out, complement each other perfectly, and aren’t over the top.

Blue Star Donuts on Urbanspoon

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