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Rip City: Pine State Biscuits

My boss had a couple of suggestions for where I should eat when I took a few days off to go to Portland. Pine State Biscuits was one of them, and on our first morning there we headed for brunch. Are biscuits a brunch thing? I have no idea. But we were glad we all went!

What we ateĀ 

Biscuits and Gravy


  • Usually these biscuits would come smothered but I asked for it on the side
  • The biscuits are light and fluffy, best I’ve ever had (that isn’t saying much though, there aren’t many biscuits in Vancouver)
  • I chose sausage gravy, though a mushroom option is available, its creamy and rich and amazing and everything you could dream about after years of watching southern comfort food on the Food Network
  • Added 2 fried green tomatoes on the side, which is something else I only know about from the Food Network, unripened tomatoes deep fried. Hard to complain.

BBQ Biscuit


  • Carolina style pulled pork, coleslaw, and a biscuit
  • They give you the option for it to be made into a sandwich or as a plate! We got the plate
  • Carolina style pulled pork isn’t my favourite, but its served all over Portland! Its a vinegar (instead of ketchup) based sauce mixed into dry pork
  • I imagined the combination of the three was a bit dry but my friend loved it

Sweet Tea


  • Sweet Tea is served all over Portland, and I wish we had more of it in Vancouver!
  • Not too sweet and super refreshing with food

The Chatfield


  • Fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and apple butter made into a sandwich
  • The fried chicken was a thick piece, not overcooked at all, and provided a nice crunch
  • I’ve never had apple butter before but I’m a fan of sweet + salty combinations in my sandwich so I loved this
  • My only complaint was that the cheese showed that the sandwich was left under the warmer for too long, as seen by the sweating

Final Thoughts

A must visit if you’re visiting Portland! I heard the line ups can get pretty long, we had to wait 20 minutes on a Tuesday morning (around 11 am) if that puts it into perspective. The seating is limited and you grab a seat after you order at the counter and are waiting for food. The food is worth it though!

Pine State Biscuits on Urbanspoon

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