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Stumptown: Ruby Jewel Scoops

Ruby Jewel Scoops was across from our hotel and we immediately noticed the smell of vanilla wafting down the street.

“Even their wind smells good, I hate this city.”

All of their ice creams are handcrafted daily from ingredients sourced from Oregon and around the Northwest. Their shop was full of teenagers and families and the counter was run by several teen girls. who provided extremely friendly service! We noticed a lot of people getting cones and hand made ice cream sandwiches, you can choose your cookies and the ice cream filling, and they looked fantastic!

What we ate

Rip City Hippie



  • Vanilla ice cream, berry compote, cocoa nibs, granola, dark chocolate sauce, and whipped cream
  • Deceptively gigantic! This easily fed 2 people
  • The dark chocolate sauce was sweet, but nice and bitter in comparison to the berry compote and ice cream
  • The granola and cocoa nibs gave the sundae a good crunch
  • And the handmade icecream was really good!

Final Thoughts 

This ice cream place seems like a popular meeting spot for teenagers and for desserts after dinner downtown. They serve a number of seasonal flavours, milk-free specials included, and are probably always trying new things. Their ice cream sandwiches look particularly good and I would definitely try them if I were ever back!

Ruby Jewel Scoops on Urbanspoon

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