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PDX: Lardo

Last week I went down to Portland for 3 days. The trip mostly consisted of shopping and eating. The eating will be covered on here! Here we go. :D

Portland is known for food trucks, there are over 800 in the city! We learned quickly that it’s pretty easy to get your own food truck, unlike here in Vancouver, and because of this there are a lot of pretty low quality ones. There are still a few standouts though, and the absolute best often open restaurants instead! Lardo was one of the absolute best a few years ago and now has 2 restaurants in Portland. One of them was right across from our hotel parking, how convenient!


Lardo is a sandwich shop where the daily menu is written on their huge chalk boards. You go up to the counter to order, take a number, and a server will bring your food. Most sandwiches can be made into a salad if you prefer that, and I’m sure some people like that option. The shop kind of reminds of Meat & Bread in Vancouver only larger and with a bigger menu.

What we ate 

Korean Pulled Pork



  • Korean spice marinated pulled pork, house made kimchi, and cilantro
  • The meat and kimchi were both really good and the cilantro cut the intensity of the kimchi
  • Eventually we found the sandwich kind of salty



  • roasted pork belly, heirloom tomatoes, caper mayo, and arugula
  • I have a soft spot for anything made out of pork belly so I loved this
  • The heirloom tomatoes gave nice colour to the sandwich
  • And the caper mayo was perfectly salty
  • I’m stilll not big on arugula, but I won’t complain! The pepperiness complemented all the salt in the sandwich (should this be called the PBLT if its arugula instead of lettuce?)

Lardo Fries


  • Fries tossed in fried herbs and parmesan
  • Really crispy fries, and seasoned perfectly by the herbs and cheese
  • Way more than I expected from a side of fries with my sandwich!

Final Thoughts 

I’m happy that Lardo was successful as a food truck and has managed to open and sustain their 2 restaurants, they make some really killer sandwiches. I would come back again to try more of the specials and burgers!

Lardo on Urbanspoon

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