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Minami 炙

My friend was headed back to Ontario for school so we decided to go out somewhere nice before she leaves! We wanted to try the newly opened Miku but it didn’t have any tables until late so we chose to go to it’s sister restaurant, Minami! It is located in Yaletown very close to the Canada Line. The restaurant is huge and dimly lit like so many chic restaurants in Yaletown. The service was fantastic, made good recommendations and checked up on us at appropriate times. They specialize in “aburi” which our server explained meant that they flame seer their different fishes and meats with different sauces to change the texture a bit and accentuate the flavours.

What we ate

Ebi Fritters


  • Deep fried prawns on spiced couscous, served with arugula, sweet chili aioli, and a soy balsamic reduction
  • Pretty much their version of the common izakaya dish ebi mayo!
  • The prawns were gigantic, perfectly fried, and sweetened with the sauces
  • The couscous was curry spiced and kind of hard to eat with chopsticks
  • And the arugula was kind of just there, I didn’t care for it

Aburi Beef Carpaccio


  • 64 degree egg, asian pear, lotus root chips, wasabi pickles, greens, and jalapeno-garlic ponzu glaze
  • Hands down the best beef carpaccio I’ve ever had
  • Beef was perfectly tender, flavoured, and seared
  • 64 degree eggs are said to be the perfect form of an egg, with a runny white and yolk but fully cooked!
  • We cracked the egg opened and spread the yolk over the beef
  • We all really loved the lotus chips

Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi and Aburi Ebi Oshi

2013-08-18 19.51.56-2

  • Pressed sushi with salmon on top and inside, miku sauce, and a jalapeno slice
  • Pressed sushi with prawn on top, lime zest, and ume sauce
  • Our favourite was the Aburi Salmon Oshi Sushi
  • We all liked that the miku sauce was sweet and complemented the salmon well, with the jalapeno providing a bit of heat
  • The small bit of salmon pressed in the middle of the rice made it feel a lot less dense and we all appreciated that
  • But by no means was the Aburi Ebi Oshi bad! The lime and ume sauce were quite acidic and went well with the prawn

Miku Roll


  • Salmon, crab, cucumber, uni, rolled in flying fish roe, and topped miku sauce and then seared
  • I don’t understand what their miku sauce is, and how it manages to be so fatty and solid and delicious, but its amazing and I would want it on all sushi
  • This roll was amazing! The seared flying fish roe was a different touch

Green Tea Opera



  • Green tea cake infused with hazelnut and espresso liqueur, chocolate ganache, red bean puree, and green tea ice cream
  • Favourite dish of the night! It was beautiful and perfectly done. Its hard to describe. Just look at the pictures.
  • If you’re at Minami (and probably Miku) definitely check the dessert menu out!

Warm Valrhona Chocolate Fondant



  • Molten chocolate cake with green tea on the inside! Served with jasmine tea ice cream
  • It actually made me angry how good this dish was, how did they get the green tea in there and then to melt so perfectly?!
  • The jasmine ice cream was delicious, not too sweet, and really tasted like the tea
  • Both of these desserts are the most popular at the restaurant and were suggested by our server. Get both!

Final Thoughts 

As a cook myself it sometimes makes me angry that some foods are so good and I’ll likely never make anything so good myself. A lot of that happened at this dinner! Minami was professionally presented, both by the kitchen and the servers, and it was a dining experience that was worth the higher price tag. Miku and Minami are said to be comparable (in price and quality) so if one is full you should check out the other.

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