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Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches

While studying for my Health Psychology finals I decided I needed a good sandwich to get through the rest of the day. I had never been to Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches but I’ve parked in front of it, walked by it, and looked at it for years. I figured I would grab a quick bite because some of my friends in high school loved it and its pretty close to the library.

What I ate

Super Sub (6″)



  • Double steak, double cheese, mushrooms, salami, and capicollo
  • The steak and cheese could have been more flavourful but I really liked the mushrooms and other meats
  • I’ve heard legends of this sub being massive but I didn’t find it too ridiculous (though if I went for a 12″ it would have been too much for sure!)
  • Everything was greasy and messy and it really filled me up

Final Thoughts 

  • Good option for non-Asian food in the middle of Richmond!
  • Greasy, cheap, and satisfying. Sometimes that’s all you need

Bob's Submarine Sandwiches on Urbanspoon

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