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La Belle Patate

After the Celebration of Lights my friends and I decided to stop in at the Speakeasy instead of fighting through the crowds up Davie Street to the Canada Line. La Belle Patate is just 2 doors over, and given the option between drinks and poutine..I’m in for poutine. None of my friends really wanted poutine after we were done at the Speakeasy, or so they thought! I ordered 2 for the six of us to share.

What we ate 

The Traditional


  • Every fry was crispy and covered in gravy
  • Tons of very squeaky cheese curds! You’re in for a treat if you’ve never had them (listen closely, the squeak as you chew them), they don’t melt easily and are much more substantial than what most people are used to in poutine out here
  • Gravy and curds were layered throughout the dish, perfectly made!
  • And the portion was gigantic (this was only a medium)

Smoked Meat Poutine


  • Chopped montreal smoked meat added onto the poutine
  • I really like that the meat is cubed instead of sliced, probably because you’re really biting into something instead of getting just a sprinkle

Final Thoughts 

  • My favourite place for poutine in Vancouver!
  • My friends thought they didn’t want any poutine, but all loved passing it around as we stumbled up Davie to the Canada Line
  • Open late into the night (3 AM I think?) which is about the perfect time to be getting a poutine

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