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Qoola Plus

Every since Qoola opened in Oakridge and closed in Aberdeen I’ve been waiting for it to return to Richmond. When I saw that one was being built in Richmond Centre I was extremely excited! Qoola is my favourite frozen yogurt chain, I find it has the best toppings and the yogurt isn’t too sweet. This new location is a “Qoola Plus” and features smoothies and yogurt based foods, such as sandwiches and pizzas. Its not the kind of place I would think to grab a pizza, but I’m sure I’ll try it one day.

Qoola is a self serve yogurt bar. You choose a cup, fill it with as much yogurt as you’d like (there are many flavours), and then top it to your hearts desire! My favourite toppings, by far, are the juice balls that they have in many flavours. I’m also a big fan of the mochi balls they have available. When they first opened the cups you served your yogurt in were a high quality plastic that you paid a deposit on, and you could return them for a small discount on your next purchase + they made a donation to charity. The next few times I went they didn’t have these cups anymore, I guess its just because people weren’t returning them?

What we ate 




Final Thoughts 

If you haven’t tried Qoola yet give it a go! Prices are reasonable (charge by weight) if you don’t go too overboard with what you put on your yogurt. I’ve never paid more than $8! I prefer this self serve style and love the variety of toppings they offer.

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