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R&H Chinese Food

I first heard about R&H Chinese Food on Lindsay Anderson’s 365 Days of Dining and then noticed it was also discovered by several users on Yelp, all of the posts promising high quality Chinese food. A definite surprise for a food court! I’ve been to the Landsdowne food court many times since it has opened and have never really given it a second thought. One day I was studying at the Richmond Public Library and decided to head over to R&H to finally try it. I’m glad I did!

What I ate

Xiao Long Bao 


  • Steamed shanghai soup dumplings
  • Extremely good for a food court! Very good for a  restaurant!
  • Made fresh to order, so it will take around 10 minutes

Braised Beef Sandwich 


  • Steamed bum, which is then fried to crisp up, filled with braised cumin beef
  • The bun is a little bit greasy, but not in an off putting way
  • Beef was tender and flavourful


Final Thoughts 

  • Super high quality food for a food court. Service takes a bit longer because everything is made to order.
  • Takes all cards! Something rare in Richmond
  • Many people over look this place, but I definitely suggest giving it a try!

R & H Chinese Food on Urbanspoon

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