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Prata-Man Singapore Cuisine 百達門星洲美食

My friend offered to take me out for a belated birthday dinner. We were both tired from work and didn’t want to go anywhere fancy. Luckily Prata-Man is one of the biggest hole-in-the-walls in Richmond! Lots of people go for take out (and you get a slight discount) but we sat in the restaurant, it wasn’t anything pretty but its the food that’s important!

What we ate 

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Single Order)


  • Amongst the best Hainanese chicken and rice I’ve had in Vancouver
  • Served cold, boneless, and with ginger/green onion sauce and chili sauce
  • Rice was very flavourful and we ordered an extra bowl so we could both have one (and sorry for not getting a picture of it!)
  • Also served with stock flavoured with ginger, you don’t get this if you order take out

Assorted Satay (Beef, Chicken, and Pork) 


  • Perfectly grilled, my favourite were the chicken (followed by the pork, and then the beef. But all were good!)
  • Difficult to get off the stick, but for some reason I associate that with them being good!
  • Peanut sauce was a chunky sauce, sweet, and extremely good (I finished the rest of the sauce on my rice)

Beef Brisket Curry


  • Large chunks of beef brisket, potato, and a flavorful curry
  • Beef brisket was tender without being overly soft
  • Curry was delicious and not too greasy

Prata Bread 


  • Roti! My favourite form of flatbread
  • Tender and not greasy, no complaints! Went very well with the curry

Final Thoughts 

  • Very good, very reasonably priced food
  • Restaurant is a hole-in-the-wall, consider getting take out! (cheaper too)
  • One of the best Hainanese chicken rice places in the Lower Mainland

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