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Sha Lin Noodle House

Sha Lin Noodle House is on West Broadway, just a block away from the famous Peaceful Restaurant which I first went to in January and have been to several times since. I wanted to try somewhere new but my friends wanted to go to Peaceful, so we decided on Sha Lin since its similar in that it has hand done noodles and dumplings!

We rolled in around 6:30 pm on a Sunday and got seated right away. For the rest of the night there were line ups at the door.

What we ate

Fried Cutting noodle with Beef and Vegetables


  • Sheared noodles stir fried with beef and broccoli
  • The noodles were chewier than average noodles, the beef was tender, and there wasn’t really anything to not like about these
  • The sheared noodles were chewy, but not overly so. At Peaceful my friends found them a bit too much but liked them here

Zhajiang Pork with Cucumber on Noodles


  • I honestly can’t remember which type of noodle with got with these, I think they were dragging noodles?
  • The meat was salty and kind of sweet, quite heavy, but that was cut with the cucumbers
  • 3 of us liked these noodles, 2 didn’t because they thought they smelled weird

Tan Tan noodles


  • Same kind of noodles with this! I wish we had tried more of them
  • A sweeter, nuttier, version of tan tan noodles. Exactly how I prefer them
  • Noodles were crazy long and hard to pull out of the bowl to share

Pan Fried Dumplings (Pork)


  • This portion was gigantic! Doughy, full of meat, and very crispy on the bottom without being burnt (it reminded me of the crispiness of a Pizza Hut pizza, in a good way)
  • Not super flavourful on their own so experiment with all the sauces on the table!

Steamed Pork and Vegetable Dumplings (Large size, 18)


  • We really liked these dumplings, they reminded me of dumplings my Chinese friend’s mom would make for us back in school
  • More flavourful than the pan fried dumplings

Final Thoughts

  • Easy to access by transit and free parking located behind the restaurant
  • Very viable option to the ever popular Peaceful Restaurant just down the street
  • I prefer the dumplings here!

Sha Lin Noodle House 少林麵莊 on Urbanspoon

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