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Damien’s Belgian Waffles

Damien’s is a nondiscript shop in the corner of a small strip mall in Steveston that has a sign reading “Real Belgian Waffle” instead of its name. The bakery is run by a husband/wife who are super friendly and always happy to see people in their store. They serve a variety of desserts, fresh bread (once a week I think), and their famous waffles! In the shop you can order a variety of plated waffles and enjoy them with a tea or coffee or get a box packed to take home.

I recently found out that Damien’s sells their waffles to Cafe Medina in Gastown. They’re a big seller at Cafe Medina (showing up on my Instagram feed at least once a week) but Damien’s Belgian Waffles is right by where I work! I hadn’t visited in over a year so one day after work I picked up a box to take home with me.

What I ate

Assorted Waffles (10)





  • When you buy 10 they’re a bit less than $2 each
  • I got them in plain, maple, cinnamon, caramel, and matcha
  • They reheat best in the oven, but toaster is fine too (ask one of the owners what temperature to heat them up at!)
  • Vary in sweetness depending on the flavour
  • All have a nice chewy texture and have big hunks of sugar mixed into the dough



  • At Cafe Medina they serve their waffles your choice of sauces, so I dug up some salted caramel
  • Paired really well with the plain and matcha waffles (the least sweet flavours I got)

Final Thoughts


  • Easily accessible if you’re in Richmond (they have a parking spot or two reserved just for them)
  • Super friendly service


  • More expensive than what you’re used to paying for waffles (but cheaper than Cafe Medina!)

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