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Yuu Japanese Tapas

This Friday my friend and I chose a restaurant by driving to Continental Plaza in Richmond and choosing from the huge variety of restaurants that are there. We ended up choosing Yuu for two reasons: it was one of the few places we hadn’t already been to, and Lindsay Anderson from Richmond365 had just been there (post here) and blogged about Japanese poutine.

Japanese poutine? Never heard of it. But we wanted it.

What we ate

Ramen in Miso Base with Butter


  • Miso broth, butter, bbq pork, corn, egg, green onion, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and nori 
  • Was missing the nori and the bean sprouts
  • Noodles were cooked al dente and there was a good amount of pork that was really tender and flavourful
  • The broth wasn’t very rich compared to other ramen places

Ramen in Spicy Base with Cheese


  • Spicy broth, cheese, bbq pork, corn, green onion, bamboo shoots 
  • Spicy soup and cheese is one of my favourite combinations. The soup was fairly spicy and the cheese balanced it out
  • Noodles were al dente and the bbq pork was good. Had more in it since this didn’t come with an egg.

Japanese Poutine


  • Fries topped with cheese curds, okonomiyaki sauce, japanese mayo, bonito flakes, and seaweed
  • Friend and I both loved this! It was the standard toppings you would get on okonomiyaki sauce + fries and (real) cheese curds but it worked amazingly well
  • Makes me wonder what their other tapas were like, I’d be willing to return to try them

Final Thoughts


  • Creative tapas, such as the Japanese Poutine 
  • Dessert and drink menu looked really impressive. Will return to try that and more tapas


  • Parking at Continental is hit and miss. Its either super busy or empty. Luckily, it was empty today
  • Ramen is nothing special, you would be better off at the shops that specialize in ramen

Yuu Japanese Tapas 優 on Urbanspoon

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