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Sun Sushi

Sun Sushi is located by 10th and Sasamat right across from the 99 stop. Several times I’ve been waiting at this bus stop I’ve noticed that Sun Sushi is always really busy! Almost the whole restaurant would be full and there were people constantly getting take out. I looked it up on Urbanspoon and was impressed by the reviews so I tried it for myself. This was my second time coming and now one of my goals is to show people that live on campus like me that there is no reason to stay on campus if there are places like Sun Sushi that win in terms of quality and price and are so close by!

**Update: Since this post I have stopped going to Sun Sushi. Although still a great value, I’ve found that every time I go I get a terrible stomach ache.

What we ate

Ebi Sunomono & Agedashi Tofu 



  • These portions were huge for the price ($3 and $5) 
  • The sunomono was fresh tasting and there was a good amount of shrimp in it
  • The tofu was lightly battered, they weren’t drowning in sauce, and there were a lot of them!

Spicy Sushi Combo (17 pieces)


  • Spicy scallop roll, spicy tuna roll, and spicy dynamite roll (that I always order not spicy)
  • Scallop and tuna were both fresh and there were two pieces of prawn tempura in the dynamite roll!
  • Restaurants often try to sell older, less fresh, fish in the form of spicy rolls but they don’t seem to do that here

Sashimi + Beef Teriyaki Box


  • 2 pieces of tuna, 2 pieces of salmon (which they let us switch for 4 salmon), beef teriyaki on rice, tempura, and a california roll 
  • Sashimi was fresh, pieces were fairly large
  • Beef teriyaki wasn’t dry and crumbly, but at the same time wasn’t overly sauced
  • Tempura was lightly battered and very fresh

Final Thoughts


  • Value! I don’t usually talk about the price but each of our combos were $10. That beats pretty much everything you can get at UBC!
  • Generous portions with decent quality ingredients


  • Not the most authentic or refined, but they aren’t looking to serve that crowd

Sun Sushi on Urbanspoon

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