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It was a very, very wet week in Vancouver. After wandering around Yaletown in the rain looking for a wrong address followed by a light meal I found myself wandering through downtown in the rain around 9:30 pm. I really wanted a bowl of pho or a viet sub but most restaurants were closed already. I ended up getting a Japadog since I knew it would make a good bite on the go and it was still open. There are 5 locations around Vancouver (and now one in NY!), 4 of them are hotdog stands and the 5th is a restaurant. I was pretty happy about being out of the rain by this point.

What I ate



  • Kurobuta sausage (Pork sausage specially made for Japadog), bonito flakes, fried cabbage, okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayo
  • Japadog never really disappoints. The sausage was juicy, umami enhanced by the bonito flakes, and the fried cabbage added a crunch to the hotdo

Shichimi and Garlic Shake Fries


  • Roasted garlic and hot pepper flakes shaken (in a bag) onto fresh fries
  • These were just okay. I found them really salty and not too garlicy
  • I’d recommend the butter and shoyu or the aonori (seaweed) fries though!

Final Thoughts


  • Consistent across every location (I’ve been to three now) and always good
  • Lots of interesting flavour combinations you may not have tried before!


  • Expensive for a hot dog and fries (I think my combo came to around $10, included a drink)
  • Weird price inconsistencies. A big one was a plain hot dog made with either their pork or beef sausage was the same price, but the terimayo combo with the pork sausage was about $2 more expensive than with the beef sausage! I think the prices vary slightly by location too


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