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Mui Garden

There has been a lot of eating going on for me during this reading break. I’ve burnt through all my Chinese New Years money just on food! Today one of my friends wanted Chinese style curry so we decided to go to Mui Garden. Its near Richmond Centre, just off Minoru and kind of located in the back of its complex where you wouldn’t really see it unless you were looking. It has been around as long as I can remember but I’ve never tried it until today. One of the friends I was eating with loves going here with his girlfriend, so he had something to say about nearly every menu item.

What we ate

Beef Brisket Curry on Rice



  • Beef brisket, a single chunk of potato, curry, rice
  • Mui Garden is known to have the best beef brisket curry around. There was a ton of meat (and no vegetables save for that lonely potato), and the sauce was delicious and went perfectly with plain rice
  • The curry sauce looks a bit different than the Chicken one, I was thinking it could be added fat from the brisket?

Chicken Curry on Rice


  • Chicken, vegetables, curry sauce, rice
  • All of us tried both curry sauces and agreed the brisket one was better
  • I felt like the brisket was a better deal too, tons of meat compared to the chicken

BBQ Pork and Green Onion Fried Rice


  • BBQ pork fried rice
  • Pretty standard. Good sized portion with plenty of meat (Mui Garden does not skimp on their meats, it seems)

Baked Spagetti Bolognese w/ Meat sauce


  • Spaghetti in meat sauce, baked
  • This dish took a bit longer to serve because the entire thing was baked
  • I find Asian meat sauces kind of funny. They’re usually quite greasy and not very meaty.  I thought it could have used some cheese on top but my friend enjoyed it

Hot Milk Tea


  • Each of our dishes came with a drink. 2 of us got milk tea, and 2 got lemon tea
  • This milk tea came pretty much unsweetened. My friend and I added disgusting amounts of sugar to get it up to our standards.
  • Wasn’t very milky either, but the taste of the tea was quite nice

Ice Lemon Tea


  • This looked like nothing special. Large glass though
  • Even though it looked pretty plain, I’ve never been disappointed by a lemon ice tea

Final Thoughts


  • Good portion sizes for the price (we all paid $10.50 ish after tax + tip)
  • Doesn’t skimp on the meat in dishes
  • Beef brisket curry (so good it becomes an entire pro)


  • Theres a bit of parking right in front of the restaurant, and some more on top. I’ve heard it gets super busy.
  • Hard to find/describe its location to people who haven’t been (but probably everyone in Richmond has been by now)

Mui Garden 梅園粉麵茶餐廳 on Urbanspoon

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