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Thai Son

The last time I took advice from a forum about restaurants I haven’t been to it was a hit (read my post on Tokyo Thyme). In the “Favourite pho” thread I saw the name “Thai Son” come up a lot. I had never heard of it until that forum thread and to my delight it was in Richmond! It’s located in a strip mall on Garden City just off Alderbridge. I’ve passed by this mall plenty of times but never been anywhere in it (I noticed House of Tofu Soup was there too, that might be next).

What we ate 

Pho (#2 and #4)



  • #2 was rare beef, and #4 was rare beef with soft tendon
  • The broth was fairly light, not too salty, and could sipped at easily without the addition of any sauces (but they were added anyway)
  • There was a massive amount of meat and noodles in both the small and the large bowls!
  • One thing we all noticed that was the noodles were cooked in such a massive, dense, clump that once it got into the broth there was still water trapped in side of the ball of noodles. It kind of watered down the soup but once you mixed everything up a bit it was fine
  • Rare beef was good, not ice cold raw like some places
  • Bean sprouts were served pre-cooked here (I prefer this) and there were lemons instead of limes

Spring Rolls 


  • On the menu you can order either 3 or 6, but we heard a couple behind us just ask for 1 and they were fine with that
  • Surprisingly good! Looks fairly Chinese style on the outside but the filling inside was more of a Vietnamese style spring roll. Full of meat and not dry at all.
  • They were also way bigger than they look it this picture. For scaling, that pile of noodles was about the size of a rice bowl (2 each was plenty)
  • I appreciated it being plated with noodles and pickled daikon and carrot

Fresh Lemonade


  • Carbonated, freshly made, lemonade (not the one with preserved lemon)
  • Took a while to be made
  • Very refreshing drink. Not overly sweet or sour.

Final Thoughts 


  • Tons of parking in the complex
  • Very clean, bright, interior
  • Very good pho and spring rolls


  • Bill came to us just saying what we had ordered and the total cost (no per item cost). Made it hard to divide based on what we got

Thai Son Vietnamese on Urbanspoon

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