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Meat & Bread

I wanted to go to 131 Water St. Cafe today for their entry into the Vancouver Foodster’s Poutine Challenge but it looked like it was closed for a bit between lunch/dinner service. I wandered around Gastown for a while but eventually decided to grab a quick bite at Meat & Bread. Meat & Bread is a Vancouver favourite after it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and everyone I’ve talked to loves their Porchetta sandwich (how do they get it so perfect every time?). The menu is very simple – they only offer 4 sandwiches per day (Porchetta, grilled cheese, and 2 specials) and they were out of porchetta (this was at 3:30 pm) so I opted for one of their frequent daily specials

What I ate

Meatball Sandwich



  • Meatballs, house sambal, and grana padano 
  • This sandwich was gigantic and pretty messy to eat. There was a bit of heat from the sambal sauce, some well balanced saltiness from the cheese, and the meatballs were juicy and delicious
  • From what I’ve tried now, I think its pretty safe to say every sandwich is a sure bet

Final Thoughts


  • Every sandwich is a winner! 
  • Sandwiches are simple but very well done
  • On a nice day the restaurant is beautifully sunny or you can chose to eat at the park across the way


  • Its so popular that it gets stupidly busy on some days, I feel bad for the employees!
  • Theres not really a ticket system or anything for picking up orders, so I’ve always felt kind of awkward waiting for the sandwiches
  • A bit pricey for just a sandwich (but still worth it)

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  1. I wouldn’t venture out across the street to the park. If you walk too far the wrong way, you end up in Creepyville. Also I had this sandwich the last time (and first and only time) I’ve been here and I wasn’t that impressed. Very messy $8+ spent. But I have to try the porchetta!

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