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After Tokyo Thyme my friends and I wandered down to Faubourg. This is a popular bakery in Kerrisdale that serves macarons, all kinds of pasteries, breads, and cakes. There is a sitting area in the front if you just want to pick up a coffee and a pastry and eat it there, as well as a dining area in the back if you would like to sit down for a full service meal. My Dad frequents Faubourg since it is pretty close to his office so I’ve had a few of their cakes for peoples’ birthdays. Despite having tried several of the cakes (which I always enjoy) and going past it on the 41 to UBC all the time, this was my first time going!

We all picked up some treats to take home to our families

What we ate

Macarons (assorted flavours)


  • From left to right – Cappuccino, Dark Chocolate, Lavendar Earl Grey, Raspberry Rose, Strawberry Black Pepper, White Chocolate and Passion Fruit (Faubourg signature), Lemon, Hazlenut Praline, and Tahitian Vanilla bean
  • I can’t comment on all of the flavours since my family shared them, but reading the names now I noticed that some of the subtleties were hard to taste
  • Flavours that were missed included: the lavendar in the Lavendar Earl Grey, the rose in Raspberry Rose, the black pepper in Strawberry Black Pepper (could taste something that wasn’t just strawberry, but not sure what), and the white chocolate in their signature
  • These macarons had a crispier exterior, less chewy interior,  and were not as sweet as macarons from Thierry
  • Which made me like them better!

Pain au Chocolat



  • Flaky, buttery pastry wrapped around sticks of chocolate
  • The pastry reminded me of a croissant but airy
  • Super rich and buttery and chocolatey

Final Thoughts


  • Delicious macarons, pastries, and cakes
  • Service is fairly quick and efficient
  • Parking is manageable, despite being in Kerrisdale (pay parking along West Boulevard)


  • Extremely busy, can run out of different items throughout the day (there were no pastries on the counter when I was there

Faubourg on Urbanspoon

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