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Jumbo Sushi

Jumbo Sushi has been in Richmond for quite a while now. Its located in Richmond across from Richmond Centre (across from the big bus stop) on 3 road in a small strip mall with a dollar store, Popeyes fitness, and a few other restaurants. Last year the old owner retired and a new one took his place. Since the new owner has come in, I’ve gotten to tell people that one of my favourite sushi places is owned by a Caucasian. Is it awesome to tell people? Definitely.

I feel that Jumbo sushi is one of the most underrated sushi places in Richmond. Its kind of a hole in the wall that most people wouldn’t look at twice. The word “jumbo” in the name instantly turns people off, even though all their rolls are fairly reasonably sized. The rolls are made with so much creativity it can easily rival places like the Eatery in Kits. I’ve never been to Jumbo Sushi when its been busy and paired with the fact that “Buy 1 roll get 1 half price” has been introduced, I can’t help but feel like they’ve been struggling.

If you’re in Richmond and want creative rolls at a good price definitely go visit Jumbo Sushi!

What we ate


Red Roll

  • Spicy scallop roll topped with salmon, tempura bits, and green onion
  • My FAVOURITE roll. I’ve told everyone that I’ve sent to Jumbo about this one.

Mango California Supreme Roll

  • Mango california roll topped with mango and tobiko¬†
  • The sweetness added by the mango and the texture and saltiness added by the tobiko make this roll one of my favourite california rolls

Canuck roll/BC Lion roll

  • Salmon roll topped with salmon tempura¬†or tuna roll topped with tuna tempura
  • Can’t really remember which was which, but the rolls were very similar
  • I preferred the one with tuna in it, since I felt like the fresh tuna was better

Sea Monster

  • Prawn tempura roll topped with unagi and seaweed salad
  • I wish the unagi were fresher and the salad was sweeter, but the roll was done decently. The prawn tempura on the inside was good.

Epic Roll

  • Beef, bacon, and cream cheese roll that was then deep fried? Epic.
  • My mom wasn’t too big on this roll but it was definitely a cool one to see and eat. The beef and bacon weren’t dry and the cream cheese was slightly runny because of the deep frying.

I also didn’t order it this time but one of my favourite things from Jumbo Sushi is the spicy sashimi salad which is made with your choice of salmon or tuna.



Final Thoughts


  • Well priced rolls (What I ordered came out to ~$43) especially when you consider that they’re all “special” rolls which would be much more expensive at most restaurants
  • Service is fairly quick, my order took 15 minutes to prepare. I would usually order by phone to pick up but the menu (with pictures!) is on the wall and thats where you’ll see all the neat rolls.
  • Its almost never busy! (Good for us, bad for them)


  • No website and their take out menu is doesn’t describe their special rolls

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  1. Can everyone just eat here already please? The Eatery has NOTHING on Jumbo Sushi. In fact, The Eatery sucks. Please come here! They deserve your business! The owner is friendly and hardworking.

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