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DD Mau

Following in the steps of tons of Vancouver food bloggers and foodies I bought the “Give Me Mau” dining pass. The dining pass includes 2 half sandwiches and a choice of smoothie and is available until the end of February!. After an interview in Gastown I hopped on the train to get some lunch on my way back to UBC. DD Mau is located right down Pacific boulevard from the Yaletown-Roundhouse Canada Line station.


The restaurant has very limited seating (I counted 10 seats divide amongst 2 small tables and a bar along the front window) but I noticed a lot of people pick up sandwiches for take out. Since it was rainy I opted to eat in! I was hungry and excited to eat so I sloppily put my sandwich back together when it rolled over and fell apart when I unwrapped it, so sorry for the bad pictures


What I ate:

Avocado Smoothie


  • Dining pass gives you choice of either honeydew or avocado. I chose avocado because other reviewers have liked it more!
  • Avocado, almond milk, sweetened condensed milk, blended with ice
  • Drink was super creamy, and not too sweet
  • The drink was simply done and went well with the sandwiches

Crispy Roast Pork


  • Roast pork, sauteed scallions, pickled vegetables, cilantro, garlic aioli jalapenos
  • The bread was crispy but soft on the inside and was just a really good baguette
  • Pork was a bit dry, but the bits of skin were super crispy and delicious
  • Tons of pickled vegetables which I really liked but they overpowered the taste of the cilantro and spice from the aioli

Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken


  • Grilled chicken thigh, pickled vegetables, cilantro, sweet-chili aioli jalapenos
  • I liked this one better than the pork! The chicken was moist and very flavourful
  • Same thing goes for the pickled vegetables overpowering the other flavours

Final Thoughts


  • dining pass is a good deal that gives the opprotunity to try out several different menu items all at once
  • Service was friendly and efficient (RHCP’s Stadium Arcadium album was being played while I was there, and the girl asked me about my foodblog!)
  • Sandwiches are very well done. I can see it being tough for someone to not enjoy these


  • Limited in restaurant seating
  • Normal menu prices are a bit expensive (my favourite viet sub place has almost entirely <$5 sandwiches)



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