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Last week my friends wanted to go Burgoo, but I vetoed it in order to go to Street Food City! There are 3 locations in Vancouver and 1 in North Van. This restaurant is located right by W. 10th and Sasamat, the first 99 stop just out of UBC. Burgoo serves international comfort foods – soups, sandwiches, and all kinds of stews! The soup & sandwich combo ($16) is very popular and that’s what I went for!

What we ate (and drank)

Mojito & Red Sangria



  • Both drinks were served with a ton of fruit in them!
  • The mojito was more lime-y than minty and not too sweet
  • The sangria had oranges, apples, grapes, and some other fruitĀ  I can’t remember! I personally found it a bit heavy on the wine and light on the juice

Vegiterranean & Crab Bisque


  • Hummus, roasted red pepper, tomato, feta cheese, artichoke, balsamic mixed greens served on multrigrain
  • The sandwich was meant to be eaten open face, but the mixed greens on top made it kind of difficult to eat (I didn’t eat this, so can’t say much about it)
  • Crab and red pepper cream bisque
  • I really enjoyed this soup! It was fairly smooth and creamy, the flavour was rich with enough crab to not be overwhelming but still very present

Dos Diablos & Seafood Portage


  • Melted spicy white cheddar, roasted red pepper, and chorizo chunks.
  • Soooo good! Perfectly grilled and cheesey and full of sausage. Definitely my kind of comfort food.
  • Bacon, scallops, prawns, clams, smoked salmon chowder.
  • I was kind of disappointed by this one. For a chowder it was not very creamy (think milk vs. cream) and the prawns were overcooked. Tasted good, but would not order again.

Macaroni & More


  • Aged white cheddar, onion, thyme, bacon, & peas. Baked with breadcrumbs.
  • Asked for this to be made without peas, but they declined because its “batch made.” I find the idea of batch cooking something like mac and cheese funny, but to each their own.
  • I found it to be not super creamy or cheesy, but my friend enjoyed it
  • Bacon was definitely a good addition! The bacon they used was perfectly done

Hot Chocolate Chili Pot


  • Warm spiced bittersweet chocolate custard topped with icecream
  • Was more of a steamed pudding than a custard but it was really tasty. The chocolate was rich and the spices weren’t overpowering. Reminded me of a thickened Mexican hot chocolate!
  • Next time, I would ask for the ice cream in a separate cup. The ice cream eventually melts and turns the dessert into a runny mess (and pretty much consistency of a thick hot chocolate)

Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding


  • Banana bread pudding with chocolate and ice cream
  • This reminded my friends and I of my Mom’s banana bread! Super comforting :D
  • Same comment about the ice cream! Once it melts from the warmth of the ice cream it gets weird

Final Thoughts


  • Something to comfort anyone! Good soups and sandwiches that will remind anyone of their childhood
  • Lots of easily accessible locations in Vancouver


  • A bit loud
  • Prices aren’t exactly cheap, but not ridiculous either

Burgoo on Urbanspoon

Burgoo on UrbanspoonBurgoo on UrbanspoonBurgoo on Urbanspoon

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