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Mongolian Little Sheep Hotpot

Last Friday after class one of my friends wanted hot pot so badly that he was willing to go from UBC to Richmond. Four of us met for lunch at Mongolian Little Sheep Hotpot in Landsdowne mall around 1:30 pm and the restaurant was fairly full! My friends and I are fairly inexperienced with hotpot, so I often choose this restaurant just for ease and convenience of the massive parking lot.

Mongolian Little Sheep hotpot features mini lunch specials that are large enough to feed 2 (but on the menu it says per person) and a variety of other hotpot items and non-hotpot items that can be ordered off the menu. The service is a bit off though, when we ordered our 2 lunch specials and two other items the manager came up to our table asking if that was all we wanted. When we told him that the 2 specials and 2 other dishes were enough, he said they didn’t realize we ordered the specials at all!

What we ate

Meat Eater Special and House Special 


  • Meat Eater Special – Fatty beef, lamb shoulder, pork dumplings, yam, vegetables (cabbage and lettuce), and white noodle
  • House Special – Fatty beef, imitation crab, bean curd, yam, vegetables, and white noodle
  • Lunch specials come with a mini house broth to cook in. They should have given us two! (or combined them in to a large one)
  • Comes with a plum juice, which 2 of us enjoyed and 2 of us didn’t
  • Open bar for sauces. Has sauces such as satay, peanut sauce, soy sauce, chili oil, and a few others
  • Everything came out at once, meat and dumplings frozen, but at hotpot its no big deal
  • I felt this was plenty for the 4 of us, but two of my friends were still a bit hungry

Chinese Donut


  • Deep fried, oily, but these ones were huge and very soft on the inside!
  • I had read in another blog that these were surprisingly good here, and they were!

Final Thoughts


  • Lunch specials are inexpensive
  • Tons of parking at Landsdowne


  • Service is poor (as explained above, plus they forgot one of our dishes!)
  • Should have given 2 mini hot pots for 2 lunch specials


Mongolian Little Sheep Hot Pot 小肥羊 on Urbanspoon

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