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Peaceful Restaurant

On my way home from UBC today I grabbed some lunch with two of my friends from Langara. We decided to go to Peaceful Restaurant because its pretty much right next to the Broadway-City Hall Canada Line station and it had been featured by Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives in their first visit to Vancouver.

The restaurant was fairly busy for 1 pm on a Friday afternoon. There was a constant wait at the door and they would seat two separate pairs of two people at a single table for four! The service was not overly attentive, as demonstrated by when they took our tea to refill but never came back, and one of our orders was mixed up. I also noticed I ordered what pretty much every other food blogger who has come here has gotten, so I apologize for that.

What we ate

Dan-Dan noodles (w/hand pulled noodles)


  • Spicy peanut sauce, minced pork, and spinach
  • All noodle dishes (unless otherwise stated) can be ordered made with one of two home made noodles. Pulled noodles, where the dough is pulled and twisted and flipped (video here), or “blade sheared” noodles, which are cut from a brick of noodle dough (video here)
  • We ordered hand pulled noodles
  • The sauce was thicker than I’ve ever had it (its usually soupy) and was also nuttier, meatier, and spicier.
  • Extremely well done, but I prefer it when the sauce is a bit sweeter to balance the spice

Mu-Shu Stir-fried noodles (w/sheared noodles)


  • Pork, cabbage, wood ear mushroom, and egg
  • We order sheared noodles for this one
  • I loved the sheared noodles! They were thicker and chewier than any noodles I’ve had before. It made the dish feel a lot more substantial
  • Other than that it was a pretty standard stir fried noodle. One of my friends doesn’t like mushroom or egg but loved this dish!

Peaceful Beef Roll


  • Five spice beef rolled in a crispy green onion pancake with hoisin sauce
  • I’ve heard this is supposed to be the best beef roll in Vancouver
  • It was the best I’ve ever tried! The pancake was crispier and thinner than I’ve had before and the beef, onion, and hoisin  flavours went perfectly together
  • This roll was made with a bit more finesse than I’m used to too. Everything was cut thinner so it was rolled a few more times which created more layers.

Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings)


  • Steamed dumplings filled with pork and soup
  • Meat and soup inside was nicely done, with the vinegar flavours being less pronounced than the typical xiao long bao.
  • 8 to a serving! And the dumplings weren’t tiny either
  • Our dumplings went to the table in front of us accidentally (they arrived 20 minutes after us but got the dumplings first) and we had to ask our server if they were still coming. Arrived after we had eaten everything else.

Final Thoughts


  • Anything they made with dough, such as dumplings or noodles, is amazing!
  • Seated rather quickly, order taken quickly
  • Food was executed very well
  • Good atmosphere given by other patrons. We were asked by some people at the door what we were having because they wanted what we ordered! I heard other people at other tables asking too. Probably more people like us trying it because of the Food Network


  • After our order was taken, there was pretty much no service (no tea or water refills), and our dumplings were delivered to the wrong table
  • I don’t know why, but our table had no spoons. It really bugged me.
  • Current Vancouver hotspot because of it being on TV. I imagine the dinner services are hectic

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