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On New Years Eve my friend Diana (her blog here) and I went to Gyo-O. This was effectively the last time I ate out for winter break. During my 14 days of break I figured out I probably ate out at least 16 times (and sometimes at multiple restaurants, post to come)!

This restaurant is part of the GyozaKing group which is made up of 4 restaurants in Vancouver/Richmoond.  Gyo-O is located in Continental Plaza which is just a few minutes from the Canada Line and is home to a number of restaurants that are a staple for dining out in Richmond. The restaurant is well decorated and I’m pretty sure every blogger has posted about their front wall made up of wooden signs with Japanese writing.

Gyo-O serves donburi (rice bowls), ramen, udon, and bukkake udon (minds out of the gutter, its a real thing)

What we ate

Deep fried Chicken Bukkake Udon with half boiled egg

  • Deep fried chicken, half-boiled egg, nori, seaweed, and green onion
  • Served with a broth that is meant to be poured into the bowl and mixed with the half-boiled egg and noodles to make a sauce
  • Can be served either hot or cold
  • Diana enjoyed this but said the broth made it a bit too salty at the end and overall preferred what I had (she tried it on a previous visit)

Seafood Yukke Don

  • Chopped tuna, salmon, squid, prawn, fishcake, and takowasabi (octopus marinated in wasabi sauce) in sweet soy, half boiled egg
  • Once again, everything was meant to be mixed together
  • I’m not too big on raw fish but I like it cut into smaller pieces and heavily marinated like this
  • Combination of soy marinade and egg yolk made a very good sauce for the fish/rice
  • Served with miso soup (which was pretty standard)

Final Thoughts


  • Food very fresh, especially seafood
  • Welcome change to standard Japanese menus in the Lower Mainland


  • Small restaurant, supposedly gets quite full (and closed 2nd Wednesday of every month)

Gyo-O 魚王 on Urbanspoon

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