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Guu Otokomae (Gastown)

TTang and I went to Gastown to eat dinner at Guu Otokomae (commonly known simply as Guu Gastown) last weekend. Without reservations we were told there would be an hour wait! Ttang promised I would like it (I hadn’t actually been to any of the 6 Guu locations) so we should just put our names in and wait. We ended up wandering down Water St. until we reached Peckinpah which is a BBQ restaurant I had been wanting to try for a while. We ordered a platter there that pretty much filled Ttang up but we still both wanted to go to Guu afterwards!

Guu has a lively atmosphere with all their servings shouting orders in Japanese across the restaurant. It is a multi-tiered restaurant and since we only sat at the front I couldn’t really get a good idea of how big it actually was. We got seated at the bar our waitress quickly came back with warm towels to wipe down our hands with.

What we ate (and drank)

Bamboo (green) and Pink Pearl Jump (pink)

  • Ttang had the bamboo since she had tried it on our last visit. Made of Bols melon, rum, lychee juice, and vodka.
  • I had the Pink Pearl Jump. I’m not one for drinking so I ordered based on the flavours and not alcohol. Made of vodka, malibu, grenadine, aloe juice, ramune, and served with lychee ice balls.
  • Both these drink were delicious! Quite sweet and tasting exactly like what you would imagine from the menu, reminding me of bubble tea, with pretty much no taste of alcohol


  • Tempura prawns served with spicy mayo
  • The batter was super light as tempura batter should be and the shrimp were cooked perfectly (I find its easy to over cook a shrimp in a deep fryer)
  • For $8, I thought that 5 prawns wasn’t enough

Scallop wasabi carpaccio 

  • Fresh scallop with greens and wasabi dressing
  • My favourite dish of the night! Scallops were super fresh with a slightly sweet taste which balanced perfectly from the lemon squeezed on top and (two) spicy sauces that were on the plate
  • Noticed that the same spicy mayo sauce was used in addition to the wasabi dressing. A lot of the spice seemed to come from the mayo instead of the wasabi (but still my favourite dish)

Banana Tempura

  • Tempura banana served with coconut ice cream, and chocolate, blueberry, and mango sauces
  • Tempura very well done once again, but I thought the banana could have been softer
  • Chocolate sauce overpowered the other two (I wasn’t sure what they were until I looked them up just now!)
  • Coconut ice cream tasted home made and was very well done and complemented the banana well. Tons of real coconut in it!

Final Thoughts


  • Very lively atmosphere!
  • Plates were all incredibly visually appealing, food was well executed despite some muddled sauces
  • Wide range of drinks appealing to non-drinkers like me


  • Reservations definitely recommended
  • Portions could have been bigger for the prices

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